Saturday, May 9, 2009

One More Day

Well, we have just one more day left in Santa Fe before we head back to Colorado tomorrow. Thursday, we were going to go to the hot springs at Jemez Springs, but by the time we got there, plus a few other factors - such as cost plus the water is 154-180° and it was fairly warm outside, we decided to pass. Considering we would have drive another 1½ hours to get back to the condo, we would have been totally wiped from the heat of the water. We are going to have to rent the movie, but Jemez Springs was featured in The Wild Hogs with Tim Allen and John Travolta. We saw it in the theater, but would like to see it again now since we've been in Jemez Springs.

Went to the flea market yesterday and really shouldn't have - LOL. Found a gorgeous butterfly pendant with a turquoise center, as well as a couple of vests. Need to get mine done at home, too! At least with Good News Club over, I'll have a little more time, altho Bible Study will take some time, but well worth it. Have been studying it while we're here - called Heart Like His and is the study of David.

Have been invited to Basement Babes at Jen's next week - DH says okay and would love to go since they will be working with Opals but have mixed emotions, especially after just getting home. Have so much I need to do at home, but since I'll be doing a workshop on it the end of the month........ Vivian also contacted me about leading TOPS next week since she needs to be gone, too, but she won't be leaving town. I'm afraid she's going to have to because I really need to learn more about the Opals.

It's been interesting here in Santa Fe, but it is quite expensive. We had talked about going back out to the flea market today, but it was so hard on Roy and we really don't need to spend any more money, other than maybe for dinner tonight. Maybe we'll go back up to Buffalo Thunder Casino tonight - had good luck the other night!

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