Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Few Quiet Minutes

After running for 2-3 weeks steady, DH and I are taking a break and spending a week in Santa Fe, NM. We left home Sun. a.m. - finally - DH was in a great deal of pain and had a very hard time getting things to work. He was so worn out, he slept most of yesterday a.m., so it was afternoon before we got out of the condo. Decided to go to the Loretto Chapel after we ate lunch and there was supposed to be a stop by the "Gumball Rally" - a coast-to-coast run by several varieties of cars. They were supposed to have been in town by 5:00 p.m., but apparently had several hang-ups. Someone said that one of the participants had been picked up for doing 180 mph., then they took a wrong turn somewhere! We finally gave up a little after 7:30 and came back to the condo.

Don't know specifically what we will do today, but think we will "walk" rather than take the car - by that I mean I will walk and DH will use his 3-wheeled cart to get around. The streets are very narrow, plus all the traffic, both local and tourist. Santa Fe is, of course, a big tourist attraction.

And DH was, as usual, very generous, buying me a beautiful honker of an opal ring - opal being my birthstone - as well as a beautiful opal bracelet. I will get pictures of them later to post.

I did get some stamping done - for one thing, I had a workshop a week ago Sat. and we made very pretty aperature cards similar to the ones we made at Jen Lowe's workshop in Denver the week before. I have used my card for my daughter and SIL's 1st anniversary. We also did the star book in Denver, so will be doing a workshop on that later because they are fun! Unfortunately, I was unable to scan it in, so had to take pictures and they didn't turn out very well. My apologies - I hope you can tell basically what they are.

Our trip to Denver was a ball, regardless of the fender-bender and all the snow. My friend, Michelyn Kirkman, who went with me, is new to stamping and she thoroughly enjoyed it! I don't know when I have laughed as hard as I did while we were there - seeing Jen, Kathy Watson, Kathleen Matelasky, Linda Hansen of After Midnight Stamps, and those we met, just really capped a great weekend. Thanks, ladies!

Another project we did while we were there was faux carnival glass pendants and using Opals to make gorgeous pendants. Michelyn did hers with the Opals and I tried making the faux carnival. Michelyn's is gorgeous in shades of blue. Mine is okay, but I'm not real happy with it. Hopefully, I will be able to take a certification class in Opals with Linda in August. I have been having fun since we got back making some more pendants and will see what I can do about selling some jewelry!

Well, we're off to see more of the city as soon as I get my shower.

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