Friday, March 20, 2009

TOPS fun

I belong to an international organization called Take Off Pounds Sensibly, otherwise known as TOPS, and when the need arose for some cards........ Members take turns doing the program, so I suggested we make simple get-well and sympathy cards to have on hand! Yesterday was the day and by and large the ladies had a very good time and were quite pleased with their creativity. I took my camera with very good intentions, but intentions don't take photos, either, so....... Only one lady didn't really enjoy it and, of course, she had to get one of the last that I put together about 1:00 yesterday morning, so it wasn't the most ingenious, cute, etc., etc. Actually, I shouldn't even have included it. But they now have a supply of several cards when they need them. And I had each lady sign the back of her card - or cards as some of the more creative did a couple of them. The cards were "thirds" cards, as my friend Shelly Newkirk calls them, where you add two or more strips of paper to the front of the card, a sentiment and maybe some embellishment and you are good to go. I had made a kit for each card and if you don't think coming up with 24 different ideas wasn't something?! I had included eight birthday kits, but they don't do birthdays, so we had sixteen get-well and sympathy cards kits, each one a little different. It is one way to use paper - LOL! I am just thankful it's behind me for now - hope we can do it again sometime.

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