Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at last!

Well, Christmas finally came to our house - Son and DIL couldn't get kids until yesterday a.m. and in order for them to have some time just as a family after eating with her folks, we opted to postpone ours until today. I think everyone was pretty happy with their gifts - Son got two bench grinders, so what more could a guy ask for - lol! After a substantial breakfast, we packed up and hooked up trailers to go sledding and snowmobiling. Didn't get to go up on our favorite place, but had a good substitute. Think everyone had a lot of fun, judging from the size of the smiles.

Other than blowing out the main belt on my snowmobile - fortunately it was while DH and Son were loading it to come home - the "Cats" ran great! DH and I both pulled kids on sleds while the others trekked up the hill. One grandson got a face full of mud when he ran into a big bush and got dumped, but other than that, things were smooth sailing - literally! I can hardly wait until we can get into deeper snow and groomed trails - that's when it really gets fun!

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season! Tomorrow is play day in the rubber room!!

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