Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Plaything!

My good friend, Shelly Newkirk, played a great enabler last weekend and we both ended up purchasing a Sihouette electronic die-cut machine. Of course, I wait until the last minute of a deadline to do anything and so is the case with playing with this machine. For one thing, I was dismayed to try to download the software from the CD, only to have my anti-virus program tell me it was infected. After contacting QuicKutz, however, I was assured that although this message pops up, the software is not infected, so if any of you out there have recently purchased the machine and gotten this message - it just isn't the case. Download without worrying! I did also get the website to download, so either way, there's no problem.

A year ago, my DH had to have what is known as a collectomy, which is complete removal of the colon and connecting the small intestine directly to the rectum. He was operated on by the same doctor two years ago to remove a needle that had apparently been left in him some 20 years ago and had finally moved, thanks to an MRI, so that its presence was made known. Dr. Van, as he's called by his patients and the staff at the VA in Grand Junction, CO, has been very compassionate and wonderful through both surgeries and since then, so when Roy knew he was going to be seeing him again for a 1-year check-up, he crafted a scalpel out of oak. He wanted to put "#1 SURGEON" on it, so..........after playing long enough to half-way know what I was doing on the Silhouette, I cut the letters out of black cs, ran them through a Xyron sticker machine and violá - a "statuette" for the good doctor.

We aren't quite sure just what Dr. Van thought, but he did seem pleased and even joked about wearing it on his scrubs - altho with a 3"x3" wooden base, it would have been a little difficult! I am sure it is a one of a kind, tho, and probably sitting on Dr. Van's desk right now!

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