Monday, November 17, 2008

Two months ago, I started renovating what I call my rubber room. Not only is it where I stamp, but it is also my little bit of sanity - or insanity, whatever the case may be! It turned out to be much more of an ordeal than either I or DH ever imagined! My original idea was to paint the paneling which, as you can see, is fairly dark. The room had originally been the garage but a former owner had enclosed it and hung drywall for a start. Somewhere along the way, someone added the paneling, but not in the usual way - they glued it to the drywall, which meant that wherever the glue was, it either stuck to the drywall or tore it! Replacing the drywall was out of the question, so with DH's help, I learned to texture since repairing the drywall only caused puckering!
Long story made short - the texturing is all done, the room completely repainted (including a ceiling that hadn't seen fresh paint in over twenty years!) and even new carpeting. Considering the original carpeting was rust shag - does that tell you anything?! Now I'm having the fun and games of sorting, arranging and trying to figure out where I'm going to put what! The creative juices have been simmering, wanting to boil over, but I've been very patient. What is the old joke with the vulture saying,"Patience, my ***, I'm gonna kill somebody!" Kinda my sentiments, too! Especially with the living room and the spare bedroom filled to overflowing with the contents of my rubber room! Thank God I have such a patient and understanding DH!

I do finally have a path all the way around my work table and since I have a Stampin Up workshop here at the house this weekend and I still have my projects to do...........! Hope you enjoy my occasional posting!


Ginni said...

I found it, way to go, yes, yes, yes. Welcome to the "blogosphere".

Shelly N. said...

I was still logged in as YOU, LOL